There is no Termite Insurance ( worth having ).
Home owners often believe that repair costs will be covered by their home insurance.
Insurance companies classify termite damage repairs as 'maintenance' and will not cover it.
Termite damage warranties are available but are a real joke ( and not a funny one ).
If the issuer decides that the offending termites originated from an area that was
not originally inspected then they will not pay a claim.
Unfortunately ( for a home owner ) 95% of the average home CAN'T be inspected
during a standard inspection. If an inva$ive inspection is carried out, there will still
be many areas excluded from the report ( providing more easy outs for the insurer ).
You may also be required to make modifications to your property or
risk another easy out for the insurer. Some are easy ( like moving a
log pile ) but others can require structural modifications to your home.
The cost of repairs and treatment are the least of a home owner's problems
when facing an average of $30,000 in devaluation*

Even if termite damage is minor, pest men won't give a 100% guarantee in writing ( without disclaimers )
that the home is termite free. Your house devalues. Buyers will either expect a substantial discount or immediately look elsewhere
All so easily avoided by taking earlier action.