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The following legal statement, terms and conditions are deemed to take effect from date of purchase.
Nickolas Theodore Aroney trading as an individual being the manufacturer of the product known as DIY TDAKS®
is hereinafter referred to as manufacturer.
Upon reading this information, if purchaser is not satisfied, purchaser must not proceed with purchase and installation of DIY TDAKS®.

Manufacturer is not responsible at law or otherwise for any damage caused by termites or caused by the installation of DIY TDAKS®. Manufacturer is not responsible at law or otherwise for any damage already present caused by termite attack or infestation either active or dormant. Manufacturer is not responsible at law or otherwise for personal or material injury suffered or sustained as a result of installation and or periodic inspection of DIY TDAKS® and any damage caused by this installation and any discovery of termite infestation either active or dormant.Manufacurer is not responsible at law or otherwise for personal or psychological injury sustained as a result of the periodic inspection and when required, replacement of DIY TDAKS®.
Manufacturer is not responsible at law or otherwise for termite damage or infestation that may have occured prior to or after installation of DIY TDAKS®.
1. DIY TDAKS® is intended for use as an adjunct to termite barriers and professional inspections and not intended as a replacement for same. 2. DIY TDAKS® is not designed or made to and will not prevent a termite attack or infestation or any damage resulting from same. 3. DIY TDAKS® acts as an aid to termite control only. 4. DIY TDAKS® must be installed in accordance with literature supplied. 5. The locating of DIY TDAKS® is at the discretion of the purchaser. Seek a professional opinion if unsure. 6. DIY TDAKS® must be inspected at maximum 2 monthly intervals. 7. DIY TDAKS® will be replaced free of charge if found to be manufacturally defective within 1 month of purchase.

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Regular termite inspections are a good idea.
The only problem is that the damage is well advanced before being discovered.
Early detection & treatment will save you thousands of dollars.



6 X Termite Vipers
No more false positive treament results.
Inspect your existing bait station in just seconds.

$39.95 $29.95
( incl delivery )
20 x Termite Windows
Perfect for early detection of termite activity inside a home. Early signs of termite invasions are very difficult to detect. Statistically, the activity is 4 years old before being picked up by professional inspections.
Detect termite activity sooner and save thousands in repair bills.

All you need is an electric drill and
a 1/2" ( or 13mm ) drill bit.
( incl delivery )
12 x Termite Detectors
A hybrid of an almost ancient but proven detection
method with a modern zero touch inspection device.
Say good bye to the boring chore and avoid false
positive treatment results.
$99.95 $48.00
( incl delivery )
Basic Treatment starter pack
1 x Reusable Application Box
( 200mm x 120mm x 75mm )
1 x TermatriX CSI Termite bait
( 100 gram pouch )
$103.95 $49.95
( incl delivery )

1 x TermatriX CSI termite bait
( 100 gram pouch )
Not suitable for treatment of
Mastotermes Darwiniensis

All popular brands of CSI are identical.
Only the packaging varies.

Although treatment can take many months, the
easiest and most cost effective DIY treatment method involves the use of CSI's ( Chitin Synthesis Inhibitors ). This bait prevents termites from shedding their skin, resulting in their demise.
MRR $74.00

Multiple item discounts available

( incl delivery )