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TermatriX® bait
application box

Ideal for internal termite treament
or bait application in vertical situations.
MRR $39.95 ( This is NOT our selling price )
200mm x 120mm x 75mm
( excluding base plate wings )

Installation procedures
Please note that our application box has been designed for use
with our in ground detectors.

Set up the box over the detector and stabilise using some weights on
the wings. You could use tents pegs or the like but there is a risk of
puncturing what might be the only tunnel into the detector.
Have a small amount ( about a teaspoon ) of mixed bait on hand.
Gently remove the window to establish current activity. If termites are
seen, gently push the bait into the hole.
***If there is no current activity it's most likely been too long between
inspections. In this case you have to install a fresh detector and play the
waiting game again while not leaving too long between inspections***
Add the rest of the pouch of mixed bait so that it connects with the
small amount you added previously.
Place top on box and either screw fix or place a small weight on top.
There is a section of rubber included which can be inserted to create a
totally weatherproof seal but it's not vital.
Check weekly and top up bait when necessary.

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